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April 23, 2013
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Violet redesign and a Gnight by starflash111 Violet redesign and a Gnight by starflash111
EDIT: Made Vi's lashes smaller. they looked longer and longer the more I looked at em.

Oh me and my weirdly done ref pics ;7;

Redesigned Violet again (Not sure if I should stick with the star clip or give her a flower instead), and tried my hand at designing a Gnight that looked different from the usual ones....with an ancient guardian in mind.

He's got something to do with Vedis, but I'm not saying anything, not even what I named him :U

And he's been guarding a temple for a hell of a long time, for so long that his armor became rusted and tarnished and he grew old and died...But his spirit sorta just hung around in the armor and continued to protect the unknown secrets of the temple.

Violet is still a waitress :U

She takes off the bandanna when at work and wears an apron with a nametag on it.

Does she have hair? It is a mystery :iconitisamysteryplz:

I guess if I were to actually redesign the trainwreck that was Henry, I'd make him a scarfy waiter at the same place Violet works....He'd have the magic gloves..but they'd be white. Also he'd have his buckteeth and would be the one to escort rude customers out...cause Scarfies can be scary mofos. and he'd be chubby like his original design and he'd wear a bowtie and an apron...somehow.
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Nice OCs yo have here =D
The designs for both of your OCs are pretty cool. I like Gnight's design the most, it's flipping awesome!
Thank you c:

Took me a while to design him and I had a bit of a hard time getting his palette right ;7;
I also looked through the Kirby folder part of your gallery, and I noticed you had a character named Nova. You know there is already a character in the series named NOVA, right?
I know.

NOVA is a giant mechanical wish granting comet.

Nova on the other hand just happens to be named Nova by her parents and has no relation to the comet whatsoever :U
You might want to watch out for that, people on tumblr get a little mean when an OC has the same name as a canon character. You don't need to change the name, I'm just looking out for a fellow Kirby fan.
If you're talking about painfulpuffballs then I'm sure they'd be more likely to notice any design flaws Nova has than her name o3o

And Nova's still a bit of a WIP, I'm open to any advice o3o
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